Excellence in academics at military schools stems from passionate teachers, a challenging curriculum, a structured learning environment, and positive role models

army and navy academyMilitary schools specialize in educating young men during their adolescent years—a time when they are forming the attitudes, opinions, and habits that will shape their futures.

They recognize that students learn in different ways, vary in ability, and come from a variety of educational backgrounds. Students develop the knowledge and skills that prepare them for college.

Classes are designed to meet the students’ needs, and personalized assistance is provided through small class sizes, office hours, tutorial, and more.

Military school students learn responsibility and build self-confidence. A structured day helps develop responsibility, and the students gain leadership roles as they move through the grades. They become positive role models for younger students.

Military schools help their students become confident learners and the leaders of tomorrow.

army and navy academy classroomHere is what sets military schools apart from other schools…

  • Small class sizes (low student to teacher ratio)
  • Personal attention from teachers
  • After school tutorial and office hours
  • Emphasis on character development throughout all subject matter
  • Teaching techniques based on the ways boys learn best

The college-preparatory curriculum usually includes Advanced Placement (AP) and honors courses. Military schools also offers a number of exciting electives, like: astronomy, music technology, videography and production, and even flight training.

Teachers at most military schools are available for tutoring immediately after classes end and in the evenings during study hall. They also coach or supervise sports and clubs, so they get to know students outside of the classroom.

On average, over 90% of military school graduates matriculate to a college or university of their choice.

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