Military schools boys grades 7-12, with a focus on leadership, academics, and athletics – Teen Challenge and boarding schools for troubled teens

At a Glance

Military school isn't about a military career -- it is about preparation for college and for life using the military style as a foundation for discipline, respect and aspiration to leadership. Military schools emphasize self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, accountability, time management, and most of all, leadership. They provide your boy with the tools he needs for success in college, career, and life.

Excellence Taught

Excellence in academics at military school comes from passionate teachers who are trained to teach in the ways that boys best learn. Their persistent tutoring, challenging curriculum, and structured learning environment offers an ideal learning culture for boys.

Focus On Leadership

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other. -- John F. Kennedy

Leaders are the ones who get ahead in life. They lead the way. Military schools focus on leadership, structure, college-prep curriculum and a commitment to teaching in the ways that boys learn best – all adds up to create one of the best learning environments for boys to be found anywhere.

Strength in Athletics

Physical activity and strength is an integral part of health and clear-mindedness, so military school students enjoy athletic activities and sports. Between the sports teams and physical training options, there’s something at military school in which every boy can participate.

An Awesome Experience

Nothing is more exciting than the active life in a military school!


Of military school students go on to colleges, many receiving scholarships due to the military school's academic reputation.

Why Settle for Less for Your Boy?

You only have one chance to set your boy on the right path. Military schools offer the best possible opportunity for your boy to excel in life and career. And they are surprisingly affordable.

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