Want a school that will prepare your boy for college, but also make him confident, disciplined and poised in life? Military schools will do all that and more!

Respectful, confident, independent, poised, prepared and resilient are just some of the words that describe the graduates of military schools. While the school is military in discipline, at its core it is all about life preparation. A small percentage of military school students go on to military careers; so most parents send their boys specifically to equip them for college and civilian careers.  The discipline and excellence that boys learn helps them in their relationships, their lives, and their careers. 

Students at military schools are educated to a set of core values that shape all aspects of life….honesty, integrity, respect, responsibility, compassion, and gratitude are the cornerstones. You’ll not find such a focus in other educational settings, yet these core values are pivotal to your boy’s future!

Army and Navy Academy

The military school commitment to excellence in mind, body and spirit has created an amazing school that turns boys into leaders.  Better yet, for parents, it is amazingly affordable!
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